Friday, June 13, 2014

Old Drawer - Turned - Peg Doll House
Easy-Peezy Peg Dolls


{ F I N I S H E D  P R O J E C T }


old drawer/wooden box
fabric/paper remnants
peg dolls -OR- wooden pieces as I used (seen below)
(I got my Peg Doll supplies at JoAnn. You can try Hobby Lobby or Michael's as well)
Mod Podge
Any dollhouse furniture/accessories you choose to use

Supplies below are if you couldn't find already-made Peg Dolls and are going to be creating your own.. 
Wooden Balls (with at least one hole) for head
Wooden Spindle (with hole) for body
Wooden Dowel (the thickness of the holes in the above pieces)
Hot Glue Gun

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Prime your wooden Peg Dolls or Peg Doll pieces. Allow to dry while you do the next steps.

Get your old drawer ready. Mine needed a good cleaning, some stickers peeled off, and I also had my husband add a couple shelves to create "rooms" in the house, although I added these after a few more steps. Adding shelves was a little over my head, but Hubs said it wasn't difficult. And, it's up to you how you choose or IF you choose to add shelves to separate different doll rooms!

Add some color to your drawer... er... I mean... HOUSE!
I used fabric remnants and simply Mod Podge'd them to the drawer. 
You could use fabric or paint or not add anything at all.


After allowing the fabric/ModPodge to dry completely, have your husband (hehe) use his nail gun to affix the shelves!  Now it's time to start on those sweet little Peg Dolls!

NOTE: If you bought already-made Peg Dolls, you can skip this step. I could not find them already-made, so I made my own out of wooden balls and spindles. This is how I made mine...

I used E6000 and dowels. I broke the dowels in to 1" pieces. Added a generous amount of E6000 to the dowel and stuck it in the hole of the ball/head piece. Then added MORE E6000 to the other end of the dowel, and stuck it in the hole of the dowel. Like this...

Once I had all my little Peg Bodies put together, I realized that my 3 year old niece (who I'm making this project for) could very easily poke or cut her finger on the dowel INSIDE the doll's body. 

SO, I decided to fill the body (only partially) with hot glue, making sure the dowel was completely drowned in it. ***Forgot to take a picture. Use your imagination. :) 

Now, your little dolls should look like this...

Now, it's time to bring some life in to your PegDolls!
So, this part is really a free-for-all. I chose to paint each doll a different color with different colored features since my over-all theme is 
"Red and Yellow Black and White, They Are Precious in His Sight".  

I used acrylic paint and Sharpie Paint Pens (because I had them on-hand). 

Paint away!

Once I painted all of my dolls, I added little embellishments that I already had in my craft supply closet. One doll got a ribbon scarf, another got a simple button on her shirt, the old lady got a pearl bun on top of her head, another got a large button-beret. 

(L and A are for my niece and nephew, Lincoln and Avila.) 

Now that all my dolls have their own little personalities, it's time to add some character to their home!
I spent the over an hour playing with this dollhouse. It was SO much fun! I added a little picture frame with my niece's picture for a touch of "home sweet home",  

a little faux window-with-a-view (painted a small piece of cardboard with a picture of mountains and a tire swing. Hot glued it to the drawer/house wall.) and added some little curtains (which I didn't sew... I just used hot glue to mend the edges and hot glued it on a decorative straw "curtain rod"). 

I also made a little banner using fabric remnants and a piece of gift-wrap twine I had. 
I'm a sucker for banners 

Added little buttons all over the place (just cause they're cute) and...... 


Have fun creating your own!!!

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  1. That is so cute! I can't wait to make one when my little girl is bigger! :D